Hello world..

Well its been a while but I miss old times. Simple days where my world revolved on dramas and tv shows. Not on money and making more money. One day. I live by… Continue reading

From the ashes / de las cenisas

I got a job. I’m a cashier at Walmart. It’s been a change. Money is no longer a problem but managing is. So many plans but not enough for everything. Ehh $$$$$$$$$$ Tengo… Continue reading

Almost There… / Ya casi..

So I’ve been in the dark these past few months. No internet, no job, no school, no life. But I’m still alive. Anyways, I am currently on the hunt for a job and… Continue reading

Unlike Any Other Sunday / Como Ningun Otro Domingo

Can’t type well. Got acrylic (cat) nails, I am sitting on the floor, and I gotta do laundry ASAP. Who would guess that yesterday I graduated. That I achieved a diploma after 4… Continue reading

I AM MOVING…!!! // Me Movere….!!!!!!

I wrote this on March 28: It is chaotic. My whole room is filled with boxes. Some empty, some full, many in between. I am 2 weeks behind in homework. I haven’t written… Continue reading


So here I am, writing my 15th Drama Free Sunday. It’s been a tough week. Mentally. When isn’t. Earlier this week I received bad news. I tend to make a huge mountain out… Continue reading

Korea’s Next Top Model Season 3

Yup. Got my new obsession. I stumbled upon it and can’t stop watching! (Well I have cuz I’m studying on the side..) It’s not subbed but I get the hints of what they’re… Continue reading

Ai nante irane yo, natsu Review (incomplete!) / Resumen (incompleto!)

The drama Ai nante irane yo, natsu / Forget Love/ Love is still necessary  is the Japanese version of the movie, Love Me Not, and the recent k-drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows. I have a… Continue reading

DFS/ DSD #14

Lately I’ve been hit with sharing. Not physical sharing, but emotionally too. And let me tell you, it ain’t easy! My sis just started listening to k-pop (besides Gangnam Style) and watching k-dramas a few… Continue reading

I WILL love you!!! / SI te amare!!!

Like I said in my last post (Seriously, Don’t love me), I love the movie Love Me Not. It stole my heart and soul. I believed I wasn’t gonna cry, but I bawled… Continue reading