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Korea’s Next Top Model Season 3

Yup. Got my new obsession. I stumbled upon it and can’t stop watching! (Well I have cuz I’m studying on the side..) It’s not subbed but I get the hints of what they’re… Continue reading

Ai nante irane yo, natsu Review (incomplete!) / Resumen (incompleto!)

The drama Ai nante irane yo, natsu / Forget Love/ Love is still necessary  is the Japanese version of the movie, Love Me Not, and the recent k-drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows. I have a… Continue reading

Seriously, Don’t Love Me! / Enserio, Ni Me Ames!

So I watched That Winter The Wind Blows and I see why that winter the wind blows. I’ll go ahead and admit it. I didn’t like it. Not sure if I’ll ever will.… Continue reading

Blinded by beauty! / Cegada por la belleza!

So I was looking for the trailer on youtube, and came upon a tresure box! It’s the behind scenes of the making of That Winter The Wind Blows!!! Sadly, it’s all korean, sad… Continue reading

New Trailer!!! // Nuevo trailer!!!

Because my fb news feed is filled with k-related stuff I came upon the new trailer for the upcoming drama, That Winter The Wind Blows (is it just me or anyone else bothered… Continue reading

Winter is leaving..but I still feel the winter wind blowing!!! / Ya se esta llendo el invierno… pero todavia siento el viento!!!

Yeahs!!! I’m getting my k-drama groove again!!! I haven’t watched a drama since December.  Usually, it’s due to a crash done by the ending of a great drama, followed by lingering around looking for… Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Nice Guy

So I’m on a borrowed computer, so I’ll make this quick. WHAT THE HECK! Just finished the drama and I’m left thinking, “Where’s the blood?” Jae Hee should have bled.  Lawyer Ah Min… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! / Feliz Dia de Accion De Gracias!

Today is Thanksgiving (Turkey) day. YAY! There’s lots of nom noms and family gatherings. Although this day isn’t a big deal for me, since everyday I try to be thankful, at least it’s… Continue reading

My Why’s / Mis Por ques

Recapping is hard. It sounds easy, how hard is it to write down what happens in an episode? Very. You pretty much rewrite the script. Yes, I know it’s a summary, but it’s… Continue reading

List Of Recapping Sites / Lista De Sitios De Resumenes

I’m dropping making recaps. Maybe I’ll do one now and then (probably first’s episodes), but not like a real recapper should. I know I know, it’s devastating news. Right. Right? Yeah, you’ll survive. I’m deciding… Continue reading