FAITH Review / Repasando FAITH

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad Faith is over. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but the ride was too bumpy for me and I got sick of it.… Continue reading

Watch Korean Tv Live!

I forgot how I stumbled on it but I’m glad I did. Everything is in Japanese and my google translator wasn’t of much help, but I kept messing with it and JACKPOT! I got the… Continue reading

RIP Mysoju

Just found out it’s gone too. And unlike kimchidramas, they’re gone forever it seems. I wasn’t particularly fond of the site, but it came of use once in a while. And I just… Continue reading

DFS / DSD #10

Back to my Drama Free Sunday’s! I’ve haven’t had a chance to do one lately, but today I told myself to sit down and do one. So here I am, reflecting on my week. It’s… Continue reading

Kimchidramas / gooddramas / Kpanda! is now My Kr Drama (last update!)

  April 14, ’13 So while in FB I got new updates of kimchidrama and found myself with it’s new site!!! ——-> happykdrama For how long it will last, remains a mystery, but… Continue reading


Poor kimchidrama has been shut down AGAIN!Due to copyrights because SOMEONE reported it! That sounds just horrible. The poor site just got up from a HUGE blow like a month ago, besides the other… Continue reading


Thanks to everyone my site has become a HOT spot! (Had 88 viwers in one day!) So I’m super happy. Although I’ll admit I slack off a bit..well okay a lot. But still,… Continue reading


Cant get this song out of my head! I tried as much as I could to run away from it, cuz c’mon, EVERYONE is talking about it, but here I am, refreshing the… Continue reading

Kimchidrama is a gooddrama is Kr Drama (last update!)

[Sadly gooddrama weebly is no longer working. So here’s their knew link with my new post about it! New Site, My post about it] Haja!!! After my big deception from yesterday, I couldn’t just… Continue reading

….once again / …otra vez

So my drama site was shut down, again! I’ve used kimchidrama for years now. I think a few months after it started, so I’m attached to that site! When it’s down, I feel… Continue reading