DFS /DSD #12

    I’m sick. Been sick since Thanksgiving week. Haven’t smelled a thing since then. I’ve been taking a nasty medicine that dries me up like a desert. My lips have chapped and… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! / Feliz Dia de Accion De Gracias!

Today is Thanksgiving (Turkey) day. YAY! There’s lots of nom noms and family gatherings. Although this day isn’t a big deal for me, since everyday I try to be thankful, at least it’s… Continue reading

Look Completed / Look Acompletado

Because I look like Jo Deo Mi from Shut Up Flower Boy Band, this post is related… *shifty eyes* I got my new glasses and found my twin! LOL I got nothing else to… Continue reading

My Why’s / Mis Por ques

Recapping is hard. It sounds easy, how hard is it to write down what happens in an episode? Very. You pretty much rewrite the script. Yes, I know it’s a summary, but it’s… Continue reading

List Of Recapping Sites / Lista De Sitios De Resumenes

I’m dropping making recaps. Maybe I’ll do one now and then (probably first’s episodes), but not like a real recapper should. I know I know, it’s devastating news. Right. Right? Yeah, you’ll survive. I’m deciding… Continue reading

DFS/ DSD #11

It’s been a blessed Sunday. Gave the lesson to the kiddoes, they had fun, got to stay at the sermon, I learned. So very smooth day. Also, I got a short haircut yesterday,  a long… Continue reading

Nice Guy Picture Recap Ep. 7

Not done! It’s late and cannot stay up any longer…so sorry!!!!!!!! No he terminado! Es tarde y no me puedo quedar tarde mas… Mil disculpas!!!!! We start with Mrs. No-heart getting ready for… Continue reading

Innocent Man / Nice Guy Picture recap Episode 2

Que bueno estuvo el episodio dos de Innocent Man/ Nice guy! Me vuelvo loca porque quiero tomar screenshots y verla a la misma ves. Me la paso el doble haciendolo. Y encima me… Continue reading

Follow me! / Sigueme!

I made a youtube channel, a tumblr page, a twitter, a facebook,a pinterest, and a photobucket. Everything so it’ll be easier to keep up with me ;). Ok, so maybe you don’t want to… Continue reading

Innocent Man – Resumen 1

Innocent Man (Hombre Inocente) empieza con el mono de Song Joong Ki corriendo en el edificio. Es un hospital y el es un estudiante para ser doctor llamado Kang Ma Ro (su nombre… Continue reading