Back from my interwebless trip / De regreso de mi viaje sin internet

    So we hit rock bottom at home. Lack of money forced us to be without phone or interwebs. So I was cutoff from my world, blogging. But not everything was lost.… Continue reading


  It’s been a rough week. Emotionally. I found out my friend’s brother died and I was unnable to be by her side during this hard time. So I got depressed in guilt… Continue reading

Sad News / Tristes Noticias

My favorite drama site was shut down due to “copy rights” and I feel empty. They do have a back up site but only have few of the recent episodes. Feel so bad… Continue reading


On with the second post of Drama-Free Sunday Well my week has been .. both bad and good. I can’t say my week has been horrible based on one horrible day nor can… Continue reading

BOF Capitulo 1

Empezamos con la historia de la empresa Shinwa y como se convirtió en mega empresa por todo Corea. El fundador fundo una escuela para los mas ricos y prestigiosos, que serian sus futuros… Continue reading

Monster: Inside

BIGBANG’S Monster video The video starts shaky. We start seeing the boys running away from something, scared. Then they start singing. Everything happens so quick! I blinked and it was already over. So… Continue reading


“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12 / “gozosos en la esperanza, sufridos en la tribulación, constantes en la oración.” Romanos 12:12 I feel so depress. Might… Continue reading

FAITH capitulo 1

Okay, vamos al grano. Fe (Faith) empieza con una narración animada de la historia del doctor Hwa Ta,  que era un doctor legendario en el pueblo por curar cualquier enfermedad y sus cirugías.… Continue reading

I’m back! / Estoy de regreso!

I want to write so much in such little time. I stopped blogging because I switched to full time at my job. It was a hard month. Was sleeping at 2am or later… Continue reading

DFS / DSD #7

What a week it’s been. From all the ups and downs the worst was the house next to mine caught on fire during a lighting storm and the hightlight was it being vacant… Continue reading