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Almost There… / Ya casi..

So I’ve been in the dark these past few months. No internet, no job, no school, no life. But I’m still alive. Anyways, I am currently on the hunt for a job and… Continue reading

I AM MOVING…!!! // Me Movere….!!!!!!

I wrote this on March 28: It is chaotic. My whole room is filled with boxes. Some empty, some full, many in between. I am 2 weeks behind in homework. I haven’t written… Continue reading

The virus.

:( Not only am I sick, but so is my laptop. I don’t know what’s wrong with it other than it wont boot up properly, hence I can’t use it. I’ve spent the… Continue reading

Look Completed / Look Acompletado

Because I look like Jo Deo Mi from Shut Up Flower Boy Band, this post is related… *shifty eyes* I got my new glasses and found my twin! LOL I got nothing else to… Continue reading


Poor kimchidrama has been shut down AGAIN!Due to copyrights because SOMEONE reported it! That sounds just horrible. The poor site just got up from a HUGE blow like a month ago, besides the other… Continue reading


Thanks to everyone my site has become a HOT spot! (Had 88 viwers in one day!) So I’m super happy. Although I’ll admit I slack off a bit..well okay a lot. But still,… Continue reading

….once again / …otra vez

So my drama site was shut down, again! I’ve used kimchidrama for years now. I think a few months after it started, so I’m attached to that site! When it’s down, I feel… Continue reading

Back from my interwebless trip / De regreso de mi viaje sin internet

    So we hit rock bottom at home. Lack of money forced us to be without phone or interwebs. So I was cutoff from my world, blogging. But not everything was lost.… Continue reading

Sad News / Tristes Noticias

My favorite drama site was shut down due to “copy rights” and I feel empty. They do have a back up site but only have few of the recent episodes. Feel so bad… Continue reading

I’m back! / Estoy de regreso!

I want to write so much in such little time. I stopped blogging because I switched to full time at my job. It was a hard month. Was sleeping at 2am or later… Continue reading