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So here I am, writing my 15th Drama Free Sunday. It’s been a tough week. Mentally. When isn’t. Earlier this week I received bad news. I tend to make a huge mountain out… Continue reading

DFS/ DSD #14

Lately I’ve been hit with sharing. Not physical sharing, but emotionally too. And let me tell you, it ain’t easy! My sis just started listening to k-pop (besides Gangnam Style) and watching k-dramas a few… Continue reading


Hello again! Missed blogging so much! But I’m getting by and by each day. Not everything is rose colored but I’m happy I’m back in school. It’s my last class I need to… Continue reading

DFS /DSD #12

    I’m sick. Been sick since Thanksgiving week. Haven’t smelled a thing since then. I’ve been taking a nasty medicine that dries me up like a desert. My lips have chapped and… Continue reading

DFS/ DSD #11

It’s been a blessed Sunday. Gave the lesson to the kiddoes, they had fun, got to stay at the sermon, I learned. So very smooth day. Also, I got a short haircut yesterday,  a long… Continue reading

DFS / DSD #10

Back to my Drama Free Sunday’s! I’ve haven’t had a chance to do one lately, but today I told myself to sit down and do one. So here I am, reflecting on my week. It’s… Continue reading


  It’s been a rough week. Emotionally. I found out my friend’s brother died and I was unnable to be by her side during this hard time. So I got depressed in guilt… Continue reading


On with the second post of Drama-Free Sunday Well my week has been .. both bad and good. I can’t say my week has been horrible based on one horrible day nor can… Continue reading


“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12 / “gozosos en la esperanza, sufridos en la tribulación, constantes en la oración.” Romanos 12:12 I feel so depress. Might… Continue reading

DFS / DSD #7

What a week it’s been. From all the ups and downs the worst was the house next to mine caught on fire during a lighting storm and the hightlight was it being vacant… Continue reading