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Korea’s Next Top Model Season 3

Yup. Got my new obsession. I stumbled upon it and can’t stop watching! (Well I have cuz I’m studying on the side..) It’s not subbed but I get the hints of what they’re… Continue reading

Ai nante irane yo, natsu Review (incomplete!) / Resumen (incompleto!)

The drama Ai nante irane yo, natsu / Forget Love/ Love is still necessary  is the Japanese version of the movie, Love Me Not, and the recent k-drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows. I have a… Continue reading

Seriously, Don’t Love Me! / Enserio, Ni Me Ames!

So I watched That Winter The Wind Blows and I see why that winter the wind blows. I’ll go ahead and admit it. I didn’t like it. Not sure if I’ll ever will.… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! / Feliz Dia de Accion De Gracias!

Today is Thanksgiving (Turkey) day. YAY! There’s lots of nom noms and family gatherings. Although this day isn’t a big deal for me, since everyday I try to be thankful, at least it’s… Continue reading

Nice Guy Picture Recap Ep. 7

Not done! It’s late and cannot stay up any longer…so sorry!!!!!!!! No he terminado! Es tarde y no me puedo quedar tarde mas… Mil disculpas!!!!! We start with Mrs. No-heart getting ready for… Continue reading

Innocent Man / Nice Guy Picture recap Episode 2

Que bueno estuvo el episodio dos de Innocent Man/ Nice guy! Me vuelvo loca porque quiero tomar screenshots y verla a la misma ves. Me la paso el doble haciendolo. Y encima me… Continue reading