Final Thoughts – Nice Guy


Not from the ending, but close enough :)

So I’m on a borrowed computer, so I’ll make this quick. WHAT THE HECK! Just finished the drama and I’m left thinking, “Where’s the blood?” Jae Hee should have bled.  Lawyer Ah Min Young should have died. Jae Hee’s  Oppa should have rot in jail. Ma Ru should have died. And Eun Gi and Joon Ha should have stick together and restarted their lives. But whatev. It’s over. Was over before I saw the end. I don’t want to be pessimist  but yes, I did wanted Ma Ru to die. I know, it’s selfish and mean, but it makes sense. He dies and everyone feels the guilt of innocent Ma Ru dying for a good cause. Anyways, can’t post any pics because this computer doesn’t take screen shots :(. I hope I get my computer fix at the most, next month. I need it for school too… Back to Nice Guy, I’m left with mix feelings. The whole drama is great, amazing cast, great plot, wonderful execution, beautiful scenery, perfect directing, just awesome. But it did have it’s flaws. Can’t go into detail, but I’ll just give the biggest I have. The Oppa. Jae Hee’s Oppa was first used as the perfect tool to show the cruel, gruesome life she lived before. Being beaten for money and (almost?) sold into brothels, but then he comes back as the window to the (still) love Ma Ru has for Jae Hee. Ma Ru goes back to his (idiot) nice ways and saves Jae Hee. And then he’s brought back to linger between the two sides, being the perfect tool for inside infiltration. But what is all this? All the going from bad to good to bad to good? Most of his decisions are based on money, okay good point, but then he also has a heart? I didn’t know what to feel about him.. Should I hate him? Feel sorry? Like him? Petty him? Was I supposed to forget about his past? When he brutally beat poor Jae Hee, the girl? Was him not killing anyone redeems him from the past? I feel the Oppa wasn’t planned, he was a merely used as a tool to show how sad Jae Hee past was, but then the writers kept using him until they came to the point of either make him super evil, which could have been more evil than Jae Hee and Co, taking over their spotlight, or make him human, a human being that did bad things but changed with time. Mix feelings. Was I satisfied with the ending? Never. I don’t think I’ll ever be, because to be satisfied I have to watch until they die, and even then, I want to watch their kids’ life and beyond as well. But it was sorta nice. They wrapped enough to say it was resolved. I have a lot more to say, but not enough time to. I might come back and tweek it, hopefully with pics and the translation.  Any suggestions what to watch now? I’m all empty :)