The virus.


Not only am I sick, but so is my laptop. I don’t know what’s wrong with it other than it wont boot up properly, hence I can’t use it. I’ve spent the whole afternoon yesterday and today trying to fix it, but there is no solution. I don’t know what to do now. Don’t have  lot of money and don’t know if it’s worth spending it. So I wont be on for a while, no posts until I get it fix. I’m on another computer, obviously, and doesn’t have all the stuff I had, feel so frustrated. :(

No solamente yo estoy enferma, sino que mi computadora tambien. No se que tiene y ya gaster mucho tiempo intentando repararla sin exito. Asi que no podre hacer ningun post por el momento. Ya que estoy en una computadora prestada. Esto es frustrante.

Song dedicated to the loss of my lapitop :( / Dedicada a mi lapitop ):