DFS /DSD #12



I’m sick. Been sick since Thanksgiving week. Haven’t smelled a thing since then. I’ve been taking a nasty medicine that dries me up like a desert. My lips have chapped and bled, my nose is red and sore. Not fun. But I’m still grateful that I have the resources to buy medicine, a shelter, clothes, food, family, etc. So it’s not the end of the world. I shall survive. Today at church I was hit hard. The sermon was precisely about the troubles in our lives. It was centered on the passage of Numbers 21: 4-9. I took notes and this is what I wrote:

  • Snakes represent struggles, problems, consequences in our lives.
  • Snakes are necessary in our lives.
  • They are needed to:
  1. Reflect upon life/choices/decisions
  2. Humble one self, take away pride.
  3. Realize and change evil ways.
  4. Repent from sin that caused it.
  5. Walk a straight path in the Lord.
  6. Look for Jesus/ Call on Him.
  7. Consegrate our life to the Lord.

To get rid of them we have to:

  •  Deter sin and it shall ran away from us.
  • We need to focus on Jesus and we shant feel their bite nor venom.

The lesson is that the snakes wont be taken away, they shall never go away. So what can we do to when bitten? Look at Jesus. Follow him. Focus on him. That’s the antidote. And that’s what I’ll do. Nevermind that I’m sick, there are worst diseases out there than a mere flu. Nevermind that I don’t have everything the world has, I have something more valuable, eternal life. It’s hard, but not impossible.