FAITH Review / Repasando FAITH

*sighs and drools over him* / *suspiro y babeo por el*

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad Faith is over. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but the ride was too bumpy for me and I got sick of it. I feel like I’m the only one that didn’t like it, but it’s the truth.

It started well, great even, but half way thru it just went the wrong way and got stuck there. This drama will go to my will-never-forget-the-beginning-but-will-always-regret-watching-the-rest list. It’ll join, My Princess and Cinderella sister. Keep on reading if you want to read my full rant. This is fully my opinion, my point of view, my take of the drama, but feel free to agree or disagree, always with respect please!

Nunca pensé que diría esto, pero que bueno que se acabo Faith. No me tomen a mal, al principio me encanto, pero el viaje tuvo muchas subidas y bajadas que me enfade de ella. Siento que soy la única que no le gusto, pero es la verdad.

Empezó bien, asta grandioso, pero a la mitad del camino se desvío del camino y se atoro allí. Este drama se ira a mi lista de  nunca-olvidare-el-principio-pero-siempre-me-arrepentire-de-ver-el-resto . Junto a Mi princesa y La hermana de cenicienta. Si quieren leer todo mi pensamientos sobre el drama sigue leyendo. Esta es mi opinión, mi punto de vista, como tome el drama, pero son libres de estar de acuerdo o desacuerdo conmigo, pero siempre con respeto por favor! (solo lo tengo en Ingles, haber si cuando tenga tiempo lo traduzco..)

The love birds.. I actually liked this scene. I gotta admit I had naughty thoughts of what we’d do though ..(like kiss endlessly!) / Si me gusto esta escena. Aunque por que me imaginaba con el.. (besandonos sin fin!)

Faith has been  a bumpy ride. Sadly it’s going into my “I wish I never started” list of dramas. I’ll be sincere, I’m on the ride for Minh so I’m running out of hairs to pull. Do I hate the drama? No. It started great actually. I loved the animated narration, the fantasy, the rom-com, the illusion of what it’ll become, but like a bad date, it left me hanging. I’m not hating on the actors, their job is to put the script to action, so I am blaming the writers and crew!

I had faith in the drama…and it failed *sad face* / Yo tuve fe en el drama…y fallo *cara triste*

Like I said, the beginning is great! It’s fun, fluffy, with enough fantasy. Episodes 1- 8 had me glued for the 2 hours I watched each week. (I can tell because my files are filled with screenshots from the episodes!)  But once we hit the middle, it got muddy, then rocky, and now I’m just a masochist because I’m still watching it. I really want to drop it but my Le Minho is there ..


Even at first I didn’t feel a connection between Eun So and Young Choi. So I don’t believe their ‘romance’. Maybe because I still see Le Minho as my Gun Yun Pyo, the teenage bachelor. So is hard for me to believe he’s in his late 20’s, early 30’s. And Eun So, no offense, but she’s too old for him! I know he wasn’t called for the main character initially, so I get he was second choice and had to work with it. (However, I did believe he was in love with his first gf ..) I’m actually thankful that they didn’t make them kiss right away but waited 17 episodes to do it. I gave them a chance from the start, and yeah they almost had me with their sweet bickering, but once episode 9 rolled in, my patience just blew. Romantic scenes seem forced. I felt the writer hit the point where he had to show more affection than bickering and it lost me. I feel odd watching them. So I’m not buying their love.

I didn’t see it really, wasn’t paying attention LOL. / Ni lo vi enserio, no estaba poniendo atencion jeje.

And I’m not saying she’s ugly or a bad actress or anything. Just that the character she’s playing isn’t getting to me personally.  Eun So plays a materialistic girl who doesn’t believe in love. She’s a chatter box and has no filter. She’s strong minded and independent. But as the episodes go, she’s in between. She’s strong and loud one moment and weak and meek the next. She starts becoming more and more the damsel in distress. And on top of it, everything’s about her! She can’t do this because she doesn’t want to. She has to do that because she needs to.  Any issue that happens at the palace affects her. She wagers her life carelessly but she caves at the slightest threat. So she’s become frustrating to me.

His grumpy face! So cute! / Su carita de gruñon! Que mono!

Lee Minho has played his part as Choi Young, when he’s serious that is. When he smiles all I can see is my lovely Lee Minho. It feels so out of character when he smiles because his face instantly looks younger, like a kid (not the almost 30 yr he’s supposed to play. Oh and  also on the romantic scenes, he looks so sheepishly I can’t take him as an adult!

History lesson: to win use Light Sabers! / Leccion de historia: para ganar utiliza Sables de Luz!

The plot has always been iffy. We have a weak king that wants to become strong. A strong general that is young. A queen that looks like a cheater. A history that’s confusing because I don’t know it. A perky woman from the future. And fantasy that reads like an anime. It was fun, ran smooth, it was good. But then they got cought in their own web and got stuck in drama limbo. To me it happened on episode 9, when she leaves with Mr. Evil after she blamed Choi Young for the kid’s death. That’s an episode I could live without. And that was the problem, I lost interest to find out more.


What I can’t grasp is how is the first episode connected to all the others? She’s from the future, yet she’s from the past past? It’s a historical drama, yet it’s filled with fantasy. Eun So is all worried of what’ll happen in the future yet there’s a double past/future that has already lived there! So how does that fit in with reality? There can’t be 2 Eun Soo outhere! Where was the other one? Why did she leave? How come it didn’t change the future? Say WAAAA???


It was a drag to finish the drama. Don’t get me wrong, it did have bits and pieces of life. But they were scarcely sprinkled. I found myself not caring at all. I only cared once, when the woldachi’s sacrificed their lives for the king. Oh that made me cry!…if I wasn’t interrupted constantly with Eun So and Choi’s romantic scenes! Seriously, talking about bad editing. I was on verge of tears when puff, all my tears got sucked in with something that wasn’t even sad. And OMG why wasn’t Choi more sad over half of his soldiers dying?! I wanted to see tears! But oh no, he cries over a bee-sized bug bite on Eun Soo’s arm.

Has she ever heard of “sucking the poison out”? Survival 101.. / Ha escuchado de “chupar el veneno afuera”? Es Sobrevivir 101..

Who said you can’t enjoy tea if you’re a baddie? / Quien dijo que no se puede disfrutar el te siendo malo?

The ending was confusing. I’ve seen time traveling dramas, but this one had the hugest and shortest loop-hole I’ve seen! They gave us 23 episodes of one loop and only 1 with the rest of them at once. I think the drama had a chance if it had been less than 24 episodes, sadly. That’s why they added so many fillers, to make up time. And that’s why I lost interest, becacuse they kept repeating the same conflict over and over again. And even brought more bad guys on top of the baddies they had. They probably had more to tell but got stuck in their own plot web and couldn’t get out of it ..until the end, where at least they explain her loophole… Or if they had cut that trash short and went right into her journey from past to past to future to past etc, would’ve been more interesting.

They left several questions unenswered. Like what happened to Dr. Shinwa? Who was he? Why was he at the beginning? Was it really Eun So in disguise? Why did Eun So not think of her parents and said her goodbyes to them? What was in that burnt leter? How did she leave her clues? What made her think it would get to Eun So? How come only she and Choi could step into the loop? How did he know how to wait for her? How did he survive? Will the queen ever have kids? And most importantly, Why did Choi grow a mustache?!

Can he even grow a mustache? / Podra el crecerse el bigote?