Watch Korean Tv Live!

It looks delicious!

I forgot how I stumbled on it but I’m glad I did. Everything is in Japanese and my google translator wasn’t of much help, but I kept messing with it and JACKPOT! I got the hang of it. It is live, so depending where you are, REMEMBER there’s a time difference. I was a dummy and tried watching my dramas but I was always too early  (or too late! I’m 14 hours behind). You can google a time difference map and click on Korea, Seul, and compare it with the time you have, and you’ll find how many hours ahead or behind you are!

I’m loving the site because I feel like part of them. I know, it’s a bit strange. I might not understand what’s going on, but I don’t mind.  Here’s some simple steps of how I use it! (If you know Japanese then you’re in luck!)

1. Go to website HERE <–click to go to website (or any of the pictures below!)

You’re so close!

2. Click on whatever channel you want to see.

Just pick one!

3. That’s all! If you want to go back just click on HOME (that’s been easier for me). You can try all the other links and see where they take you! :)

You’re done! Enjoy!!


I saw a sign that read Gee Show so I’m guessing that’s the name of the show.

I watched some sort of reality show. It’s not big brother or running man sorta thing, but where a host has several famous people and he asks them or they share something about themselves, experiences, thoughts, believes, etc. I recognised several of them because I’ve seen them in dramas, but the  rest were foreign to me. I have no idea what they were saying. I could only infer by their faces and actions. Sounded pretty funny. Once over I got to see their commercials. I feel like theirs go faster than North America’s. Maybe it’s because I feel like they talk too fast. I got to see Gong Yoo Oppa! He’s so cute. And Lee Minho. (I saw more that I recognised but don’t know their names.) Then the news started and watched for a bit. They speak so fast! I guess they’re close to elections also, so they had stats and stuff. They also covered Hurricane Sandy that’s on the east coast of the US. It must be intense if it’s being covered in Korea…

He was telling a bloody story… I think.

Then one of the hosts told one too.. I think.

Look at her face! She’s so cute! (I know her from Dream High!)

She’s cute too! (Another Dream Higher!)

Funky Beer Commercial

Car Commercial that I would buy in a second if it comes with Gong Yoo !

Don’t know what they’re selling, but I’m sold!

I’ve seen them somewhere…

cute cute cute!

Lee Minho! Selling sports clothing ‘cuz he’s fit!

Korean Newscast

Hurricane Sandy

Reporting from the US