Kimchidrama is a gooddrama is Kr Drama (last update!)

It's back!

It’s back!

[Sadly gooddrama weebly is no longer working. So here’s their knew link with my new post about it! New Site, My post about it]

Haja!!! After my big deception from yesterday, I couldn’t just sit and mop around, so today I decided to just look for a replacement. Well low and behold I searched high and low and found it! It was more like typing “mykimchidrama” into google and got to their several pages, like their youtube page and facebook. So I went to look at the facebook page and found that they were called “gooddrama”. So I was confused for a minute. But I scrolled down, wayyy down, until I saw their kimchidrama links. So they just changed their whole name and look. They do have more ads, like a lot. I got hit by 3. The quality is ok, not that great, but it ain’t bad! So yes, (my)kimchidrama is now goodrama. Wait, they have 2 sites, so I’ll put the links but it might change over time. I’m also posting a link with similar sites for kimchidrama. Well now to go catch up on FAITH! (Keep up with any changes here!)

(for some reason my post edited itself and deleted a lot :/)

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[Tristemente la pagina fue quitada pero tienen una Nueva, y aqui esta mi post sobre eso.]

Kimchidrama es gooddrama ahora. Se cambiaron de nombre y look. Ahora tiened mas anuncios pero su qualidad todavia esta bien, no muy alta pero ni tan baja.  (Tenia escrito mas pero todo se borro cuando lo puse en mi pagina :/) Mantente al tanto aqui!