Monster: Inside

BIGBANG’S Monster video

The video starts shaky. We start seeing the boys running away from something, scared. Then they start singing. Everything happens so quick! I blinked and it was already over. So I watched it 200+times and I got 2 theories of what’s going on.

Theory One:

They are inside a video game. The beginning looked like Call of Duty or one of those war games out there. The way it starts, all shaky, with first point of view, reminded me of that. So they must overcome obstacles and train to level up. Hence why they look lost inside and why they start breaking the porcelain dummies. By the way, everyone but TOP broke them by a kick or punch, TOP simply threw it on the ground LOL. What is their mission? Get out of there alive and get revenge on the people that threw them there AND maybe get back with the girl they sing about.

Theory Two:

They are in apoliptical time? (you know hunger games era…) and they got infected. Somehow they got found out and maybe even their girl betrayed them by turning them in or by not defending them when captured. So they got tossed in this place where they turture them by trowing bombs and set explosives inside the abandon building. They are monitored 24/7 and even marked, hence the numbers on their chest, forehead, and arm… uhhh 666? anyone? Kinda scary D: . Anyways, that’s why they are consumed with sadness not because they are in there, but because their loved one didn’t loved them back.. so sad! :( Where are those biatches?!?!! Immabustsomeh… nv, I’ll just go and comfort each and every member :).  So Daesung finds a way out and scapes or maybe he was the very last to get out because TOP is also seen on the snow storm, and maybe GD, Taeyang, and Seungri got out first… anyways Daesung is last seen looking to the city far away, and yes, once again, he’s going in for revenge! I suggest the town people to start running because these guys mean business!

So yeah, loved the vid! At first I was like “WHAAAA…!?!?!?!?”  but only because it was too much to digest! Like seriously, they smashed like a hundred shots in less than 4 minutes! It was when I slowed it down that I got to see everything more clearly. Like I noticed that Taeyang danced almost the whole time! And Daesung poured his heart out! I felt his pain man.. GD was very melancholic, his eyes, ohh how I wish I was there to wipe his tears with my hand. Seungri and TOP were stoic. They were strong looking, like those guys that have a stone heart, or so you think, but something in their eyes just told you their emptiness. Great acting! Yeah, I think we all know TOP doesn’t dance, like really as if he needed to anyways. Now I get the “pregnant stare” jokes, because his stare is enough to make a statement. Must admit that I’m turning into a Taeyang and Daesung fan. Wasn’t too into them at first, but now with this, my heart belongs to them :).